August 24th, 2017


August 24--Alanis at Ravinia--When the Walls Fell

Up early so I could get out on time and catch the shuttle from the parking lot to the hospital, which is now a 15-minute ride. I left my coffee sitting on the shelf in the garage. Got there in plenty of time, and was pleased that all my students did as well.

My first impression of the group is positive. They all brought what I asked them to bring, and a few even completed the online modules I had assigned yesterday. Gold stars were awarded.

We went around to all the units and said hi, and I cut them loose for an hour to explore before we regrouped. During that hour I recharged my far-flung Ingress portals and caught up on my email. Once we reconvened, I administered the medical math exam.

I took the exam along with them. It is a good way for me to keep my medical calculation skills. I struggled with a few of them, but not the same ones as last time. I used to do this stuff every day, and even had a Casio calculator watch. Anyway, I got them all correct, and so did all the students. First time everyone in the group has passed on the first try!

They have tomorrow off to complete a bunch of online modules that the hospital requires, and I have the day off to work on my doctoral project and maybe cook something good.


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