August 27th, 2017


August 27--Not The Blue Door of Harmony

It was a quiet hot weekend. It was something like 108 here today, and even now, at 8:30, it is 95. We didn't spend too much time out and about other than to spend some time watering the plants. We met our friends at the Korea bbq place for lunch. They are just back from Thailand and brought us some gifts from our Chiang Mai friends.

I installed a new router for our home wireless, but the instructions directed me to hook it into one of the ethernet ports for the old router, which kind of doesn't make sense, but works. I need to call customer support and see what the deal is. In the meantime most of the stuff is still working off the old router. When I first got the old router, I only had a handful of things connecting to it. Now everything, including our burglar alarm, is connected to it, and it will take some doing to get everything switched over. Maybe I'll just run both until the old one dies for good.

I read about the flooding in Houston from the aftermath of Harvey. The pictures show some incredible devastation. Hard to believe another major US city is under water. Hopefully the FEMA people learned from Katrina and will be better able to assist those disrupted by this catastrophe.

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