August 28th, 2017


August 28--Strange Dumpling

The other day I was reading my community web page and someone posted something titled "Strange Dumpling". Hmmm, I thought, what's this all about? Turns out I misread it--it was "Strange Dumping", and had to do with some guy dumping the remains of a deer carcass in one of the local parks. In a follow-up comment today, the person noted that it's still there, and wondered if they should call someone.

My accreditation partners and I had a meeting today. We made a decision to postpone our accreditation visit for a year, for various reasons, including the state of our temporary lodgings. It will give us a lot more time to prepare, and really figure out what we need to do now to prepare. So it's a good thing, mostly.

It's hot again today, Hotter than yesterday, but the forecast for tomorrow has the temps back below 100 (barely) for a couple of days. I'll take it. One nice thing about the trailer village is that the a/c is a lot better than in the old building.

pig clock

The new pig clock in my cubicle. I got it at the Portland Saturday Market, and knew I would put it up here. I would like my cubicle to be the most eclectic cubicle ever. That's my goal this year.
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