September 2nd, 2017


September 1--Ice Cream Socialist

By now you have probably surmised that about half the time my subject line has little or nothing to do with what I am writing about, other that the date being right (not today, though, because it is already tomorrow). Sometimes it indirectly relates, but I'm probably the only one who sees the connection. Most of the time it is just something I hear during the day and make a mental note of. More often now I need to make an actual note, because I tend to forget.

Yesterday's subject line was a Spanish translation (Gracias, Eliza!) of a German phrase that I used frequently to torture my high school German teacher with. Herr Wells was the most patient teacher ever, and he paid for it over and over. "How would you say, 'I would like to purchase a train ticket,'" he'd ask. I'd raise my hand and confidently respond "Die kuh ist rot!"

I wish I could track him down and apologize. He was such a good teacher, and had a real passion for the language. I would tell him that when I eventually lived in Germany, his instruction served me well (ein bier, bitte!), and that when I went back to Germany, many years later, I was able to successfully purchase a train ticket completely in German. And I can still count to 100 in German (ein, zwei , drei, vier...neunundzwanzig).

It was 109 here yesterday. The weather page tells me it is a record for September 1. It is supposed to be 111 here today, but I see it has been adjusted down to 108. Whew! I had plans to go see the Hello Kitty truck today, but have no desire to stand a few hours in a hot parking lot.

I'm sitting in the back yard with my coffee and my little laptop. A hummingbird just flew up to the feeder and spent a moment there before flying over and hovering directly in front of me to tell me, "Dude, we need more food!"

mercy leaf

Kind of September-like.
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September 2--Tiny hand and foot

It was another hot day today. I got started early on the laundry so I could get it all done before it got super hot. I was going to write about how I sat outside this morning, and realized I already wrote about that. deja vu.

Malida has some sort of a viral cold, so stayed home on the couch. I went out at about 11 and picked up some wor won ton soup for her. It is our go-to when we are feeling ill. I also did the grocery shopping. There weren't a lot of people out today. The air quality is bad, and by the time I got home I was somewhat congested.

In the afternoon I made a mental plan for the work I need to do on my doctoral project. This was much easier than actually doing the work itself. I am planning to throw myself into it on Monday, as it is a holiday.

I looked through the pictures from our Oregon trip for ones that would be appropriate to add to Tripadvisor reviews that I was writing. I was surprised by how many pictures of dessert I took, and how few I took of the places we stayed.

Today's picture is from the Japanese Gardens in Portland. It looks cool and refreshing.

garden waterfall

I read some of the other reviews people had written--the bad ones. "It's just a garden, and you have to walk up a bunch of stairs to get there--total waste of money!"

One of my all-time favorite reviews was for Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, Canada. The reviewer allowed that it was a nice enough park, but was disappointed that he didn't see Queen Elizabeth hanging out there. In my review, I noted that we not only got to see her, but she grilled hot dogs for us.
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