September 23rd, 2017


September 23--Flamingo babies

It was the perfect day for sleeping in. The overnight weather was cool, and it felt good to not get up. The cats tolerated it until about 9, then it was them meowing for crunchies and Malida meowing for coffee. So I got up.

It was supposed to be 5 degrees warmer today than yesterday. My phone has started telling me this sometime in the evening. I'm not sure why, but I like it. I enjoyed my coffee with the windows open and the music on, and read the news of the day. I was again baffled and dismayed by the complete lack of self-control the President seems to have.

We decided to drive out to the big Korean market to have lunch and do some shopping. The place is enormous, and has much more than just asian stuff. There is a large Eastern European and Russian community in the area, and their needs are well met here. We had lunch in the excellent food court and bought a bunch of stuff.

I received a package yesterday that contained a new band for my step counter watch thing, and two little garden flamingos. I put the flamingos out this morning. They are about 1/3 the size of the normal ones. I was prompted to buy them after I saw a little boy stop to look at my other flamingos the other day while he was on a walk with his mom. He seemed fascinated by them.

flamingo babies
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