September 24th, 2017


September 24--Watercolor Mook

Malida's company had their company picnic at the big park near our house today, so we went over. It was kind of boring, and the food was so-so. She gave me the ok to take off, so I went out and played Ingress for a while and did the shopping.

She called me about an hour later and asked to be rescued, so I came and picked her up, and we went home.

I made some baby back ribs for dinner with some Brussels sprouts and some potatoes. It was delicious. After dinner Malida went back to binge watching Game of Thrones, and I watched for a while with her. I only made it through season 1 when I tried to watch it, but she is in season 6 now. It looks kind of interesting, and I may watch it down the line before the final season starts.

I spent a good part of the evening reading about the construction of a tunnel, which morphed into looking at a Google map of the US and Canada, and retracing my driving trip across both back in 2005. It culminated in looking for my barracks building on the base in Idaho where I ended up my military career.

Lots of meetings tomorrow, a few of which are scheduled at the same time.

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