September 25th, 2017


September 25--Good morning your Highness

I was overwhelmed with meetings this morning, after spending more than an hour in traffic for a commute that normally takes about 20 minutes. I got there, put my stuff down and off I went. By the end of the day I was exhausted, and when someone else suggested another meeting, I begged off and came home.

In the midst of all the meetings, I attended a two-hour hiring diversity training course, which is a requirement. I had been able to blow this kind of stuff off, but I am within a year of making tenure, and will need to have it. The course was interesting, and taught by the woman who handles all the grievances for the school. She really put the room at ease, and had us all talking.

I did some shopping after work and was disappointed that my ATM card didn't work. Malida had a similar issue last week and is waiting for a new card. I suspect they cancelled my card when they cancelled hers, but I couldn't get the customer service person to cop to that. She said there was an issue with my expiration date, two years from now. Uh huh. She says it's fixed, so I will try again tomorrow.

The breakfast place near our house closed down a while back, but the window displays are still in place.


For some reason, the place where I store my online images refuses to process today's picture, despite multiple upload attempts. So, instead of pancakes, here's an avocado.
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