September 27th, 2017


September 27--Anonymous

The big news on campus this morning was that an anonymous email was sent out to all the college faculty accusing a specific faculty member of being a racist white supremacist, and asking why the other faculty have done nothing to get rid of him. I don't know who the faculty member is, or anything about him.

It is hard to tell much about the person who wrote the email. It could be a student, or it could be another faculty member. My guess is faculty, because even though it is not coming from a school email address, the person had to have access to the faculty mailing list. It's possible for a student or anyone to find each faculty's email, but they would have to do it one at a time, and this went out to a few hundred people. It is disconcerting.

Another email just arrived a few minutes ago from the same anonymous person, asking why the faculty member hasn't been fired, and mentioning that the faculty member's daughter is a student at the college, and should be expelled. It is kind of scary how easy it is to do something like this anonymously. It could be directed at anyone.


I got a call this afternoon from the support department for the student management software I have been battling with. Not the one we use at the school, but the one that the hospital uses. I sent a bunch of requests for support a few weeks ago, and never heard back. Yesterday the hospital sent an email asking why we weren't in compliance. I explained the situation, and pointed out that every request had been cc'd to them, and they offered to call on my behalf.

The support person I talked to was brand new, but was incredibly helpful. They had not turned on the function I needed at their end, and once they did, it worked. Only took three weeks. I really think I understand the system now, and it makes sense, even though poorly designed.

I spent the late afternoon and evening writing up a guide for negotiating through the system to give to the other faculty members, who have been equally baffled. I din't get a nap, but I'm not crabby. I'll just go to bed early.

I'm thinking about a winter garden for my backyard planting boxes. Not sure what I want to grow, other than try some garlic. Maybe some chard and some other stuff that can be planted in the early spring.

art head

More art around the art department. I like this one a lot.
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