September 29th, 2017


September 29--Brick

I took another look at my retirement stuff last night. I think about it more mid-semester than any other time, and particularly on days were I have to get up at 5. It's the getting up at 5 that gets to me. I've never been a morning person. My favorite shift, both as a nurse and as a teacher was swing shift. go in at 2 pm, get off at 10:30. Stay up late, sleep in. Just about perfect.

Social Security informs me that my normal retirement age is 66 1/2. I was thinking it was 65, but I guess that changed years ago. So about 6 more years. The Spring semester of 2023 ends on May 18. That's the day. May 18, 2023. You're all invited to my retirement party shortly thereafter.

There were some more mysterious emails last evening attacking the faculty colleague, from a student account set up to look like it was from the faculty member's daughter. This must have been easier to trace, because today the district administration sent out an email saying they had identified that the emails had come from some employees. I'm glad they found out who it was, and I hope this ends it.

I was going to get a flu shot today, but felt somewhat sickish, so I didn't. I think I am just tired. I'll get it Monday. Maybe. I hate needles.


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