October 10th, 2017


October 10--Chair on the tracks

After 5 hours of lecture and Q/A, I was worn out. It didn't help that I twisted my ankle on the way into the classroom--the same foot that has both plantar fasciitis, and a purple stubbed toe. I tried sitting on a stool for lecture, but I couldn't see my lecture notes, and l need to pace when I am talking. So I hobble-paced.

This class asks good questions that show me they are thinking about the content and not just trying to absorb it. I talked a bit about something one of my friends talked about over lunch yesterday--the concept of building relational databases in our heads with the information we collect in lectures and such. Rather than just trying to memorize it, to attach it to something we already know. In lectures, I always try to tie things to gather with stuff we have learned previously. It's good that a lot of my stuff flows like that.

I did some office work for a while after lecture. I am putting together preceptorships and need to get my students going on setting them up this week. I got one preceptor name that I had to reject, as she has been mean to students previously, and shows no sign of repentance. The rest of them are all good folks, and I am happy with what I got.

I came home, and Malida was unpacking and packing again. She will do this over and over until she finally flies off in two weeks. I can't do that. I pack one or two days before, and let it be.

My cousin went back to her house that was spared from the fire today. There is still an evacuation order, but she needed to go back. No power, so she is cleaning out her refrigerator, and notes that she is glad to have a refrigerator to come back to. The images coming out of the area are just mind boggling. And so many people still missing--in excess of 100.

I'm crabby.

chair on the tracks

This was number 13 in the chair series I did a while back. I think it is among my favorite photo projects. I still have that chair. It is sitting in the garage, dusty, and with a bunch of junk stacked on it. I need to think of another project to stimulate me, or be open to a project that presents itself to me, which is how it usually happens.
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