October 11th, 2017


October 11--What if kittens fell into the sterile field?

When I walked out of the house this morning, it smelled like a campfire. It is the fires that are seemingly everywhere in California now. I don't know anyone who doesn't know someone who is directly impacted by the fires. it seems like we have had way too many natural disasters this year.

We had our second exam today and it went pretty well. Once I got our testing platform set up last time, it is now really easy to do an online test. "Too easy," I thought to myself this morning as I was getting things ready. It was sosimple that I was sure I was missing some critical step.

At the start of the test we give the students a piece of random color scratch paper and a pencil so they can make notes or whatever. Most of them use it to unload a bunch of stuff in their head like lab values. Some work out problems. A few make notes for me about certain questions, and their perceived issues with the question in question.

I love reading them. I was one of those students. We had paper tests (back in the olden days), and I would often make notes in the margin arguing a point or something. I don't think I ever got any extra credit out of it, but I liked thinking about what was going on, and letting the instructor know I was thinking about it.

One student today argued that there was a better correct answer than the correct answer provided, but that it wasn't one of the available choices. He went on to elaborate on the question itself, wondering what would happen if the patient needed emergency drugs (which was not part of the scenario), and his hypothetical answer addressed that scenario. In a broad sense, he was absolutely correct, and in real life I would do what he suggested. I have to talk to him about the difference between test world and real world. He will make a great RN.

During the test I amused myself by reading those clickbait things they have on Facebook: "20 Times They got revenge!" or something like that. I have a fondness for those clickbait things. They are mindless and relaxing.

clay head

My grandfather liked to sculpt in clay downstairs in his little art studio. Over the years I saw him sculpt a number of heads. A few of them he cast in fiberglass or something, and I have one somewhere. This was a small model of a head he was working on when he died in 1987. I believe it is a self-portrait, as it kind of looks like him. He had that mustache, but his face was a little rounder. After he died, it sat down there until my grandma sold the house and I took it home. It has sat on top of one of my bookshelves since then. I also took his straw gardening hat, and the clay head wears it. It is one of my prized possessions.

I see that the president is tweeting about using federal agencies to go after people who criticize him or go against him in some way. It makes me wonder which line, eventually crossed after so many already crossed, will be the tipping point.
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