October 15th, 2017


October 14--Chair in the road

I laid low today to let my toe heal. We went for Korea BBQ, but that was about it. I played some music for my online friends this evening, but their political rants are starting to get to me, and I think I will drop out for a while.

I don't watch too much tv, but I got sucked into watching a German language version of Heidi, which looks like it might have been made in Switzerland. It was really well done. I googled it, and it was filmed in the Swiss Alps. Released in 2015. I think it was on Netflix.

I was surprised by how much of the German I could follow along with. There were subtitles, but I didn't really need them. It was well-acted, particularly the young girl who played the title role.

That's about it. I didn't take any pictures, so here's one of a chair sitting out on Highway 1 on the northern California coast. If you are Facebook friends with me, this is the companion to the one that showed up in my Facebook Memories today.

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October 15--A Hundred Verses of Ragtime

Toes were feeling pretty good today. Not really any pain--just a little soreness and itchiness. We were going down to the SF area to celebrated my dad's birthday, and I decided to wear a shoe--two actually. I should be back to normal in a few days I think.

Malida had been making fun of the way I was walking, doing an exaggerated limp and saying, "I'm an old man!" I reminded her that karma would soon be knocking at her door. We stopped at the drug store to get a card, and on her way out of the car, banged her knee, causing her to limp. I just laughed.

She was also singing some dumb, irritating song at the top of her lungs at me all day yesterday. She loves to try and irritate me, and this did the trick.

I woke up at about 5 this morning, rolled over next to her, and started singing the same dumb song in a loud voice, then rolled over and went back to sleep. Karma. We had a good laugh about both things on the way down to SF.

It was a nice drive, and we arrived at the restaurant just about 5 minutes before everyone else. My step-brother was there already, and we talked for a bit. We aren't close, but enjoy seeing each other. We had lunch at my dad's favorite seafood restaurant, The Fish Market. I like it too, and it's where we always go to eat when we visit my dad.

dad 88

He is 88, and is kind of looking 88. Every time I see him he looks more and more like an old man. Malida noticed he was somewhat quieter today than normal, but it is hard to tell. The rest of that side of the family is pretty loud and animated. There were only six of us today, which made it easier to visit with everyone. Malida gets on great with everyone, and they all love her.

My step-sister who is the baker baked up a bunch of cupcakes, which were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. She could win awards, she is so good. She had boxed up a bunch for us to take home too. She is pretty awesome.


We had a nice drive home and are now relaxing in our various relaxing places. I can't believe Monday is almost here again. I don't remember if tomorrow is a big meeting day or not, and I don't want to look. I'll take care of Monday when it gets there.
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