October 17th, 2017


October 17--Team Wolverine

I spent the morning lecturing about acute respiratory distress syndrome. Even though I saw it a lot when I was in critical care nursing, it's not one of my favorite lectures. It might even be among my least favorite. Maybe I should rewrite it to make it more--I don't know--zippy or something.

One of my colleagues sat in on the last hour as part of my evaluation process. Another colleague will follow me around in the clinical setting next week. Then I have another meeting with all of them. New semester I do the same, and then I should get tenure.

I came home after work and took Malida to the credit union to get her account set up. She now holds an ATM card that actually works. Amazing! I am almost done with transferring all our bills over from the old account.

While reviewing accounts, I realized that I only had one more car payment on my car, so I paid it, and now no more car payments! Yay! Both our cars are in good shape, so we should be able to go a while before we have to buy another car.

I also looked at our mortgage statement, and realized that if I put half of what I was paying for the car payment into our monthly mortgage payment, I will be able to pay off the mortgage at about the same time I retire, in May of 2023. So I set that up as well.

For a while now I have wanted to get a better handle on our finances and see what goes where, and this has been the perfect opportunity to take a closer look. I am listing everything out so that Malida could figure it out if she had to. Kind of pre-planning for retirement as well.

I have a follow-up appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow. It was supposed to be about my foot, but now it is about rechecking labs from last year and stuff like that. I need a flu shot as well. I have only seen this guy once, and wasn't too impressed after having had a really great physician prior to that. If I am still not impressed this time, I'll make a switch.


More campus art. I think this is supposed to be a bear. It is a few steps from the dramatic tree, and yet another little delight in my work neighborhood.
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