October 18th, 2017


October 18--Needles x 3

I finished my yesterday's lecture this morning, and now have a free week to prepare for the next batch. I thought I had two hours today, but only had one, so that gave me an extra hour to do stuff. I wrote a couple of recommendation letters. One for a former student, and one for a friend of Malida's who wants to go to nursing school. I've known him for about 7 years, since he was a teenager and just here from Thailand. I am sure he will do great.

I went over to the hospital to meet with a couple of students and their preceptors. I know both the preceptors, and they are both great. I am really pleased with how things are progressing this semester.

After work I went for my doctor visit. I mentioned yesterday that I wasn't sure about this doctor, but the visit went well, and he addressed all my concerns. We talked about how follow-up should go, and settled on visits every six months, which is what I was doing with the previous doctor. I got a flu shot and a shingles vaccine, which is what you get when you are 60. He ordered a bunch of labs, which I anticipated and stayed fasting for, and I got those all drawn. All three needle sticks were pretty much painless. I hate needles.

After the doctor I went back to the bank to complete some additional paperwork for the new credit cards. Not paperwork, really, it's all electronic. We tried to do it yesterday, but I had forgotten to unfreeze my credit reports.

While we were waiting for stuff to process, the branch manager pretty much told me her life story. Married at 20 to high school sweetheart. Started working in a bank at 21. Had some kids, and eventually became a single parent for quite a while. Met her current husband about 5 years ago. She explained all about how they manage their home finances. They have a household account and each has a personal account. She keeps a budget, and keeps track of everything that goes in and out of the household account.

She told me that sometimes a young couple will come in to the bank trying to make sense of their finances after a bunch of overdrafts, and she will sit down with them and tell them how she approaches it. She was delightful, and I am so glad we went to this credit union.

I came home and finished transferring all our bills over to the new account. All except our water bill, which is some antiquated system that requires me to go into the office with a voided check. I don't have any checks, but can get one from the bank, and the water company is just across the street, so it's fine.

In the evening I wrote out my students' mid-term evaluations. It is so nice to not have one or two that needs to be shuffled to the bottom of the pile for special attention. Such a good group.

It seems like it has been a long day, and I am ready for sleep.

new guy

Seen on one of the art department faculty office doors. Everyone in the art department has private offices. Even the new guy.
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