October 19th, 2017


October 19--Reddy Kilowatt Jr.

I got a lot done today. While my students were doing clinical stuff, I completed a bunch of the preceptor paperwork. There is both written stuff and electronic stuff I need to generate in order for the preceptorships to happen. So far this semester's preceptor stuff seems to be going well. I met with three students and their preceptors and helped them set some goals for the 96 hours they will spend together.

After doing preceptor stuff, I went around and gave mid-term evaluations to most of the students. No one is having issues, so it was a positive experience. A few of them seemed a bit be surprised that they were doing as well as they were. Nursing school can be traumatic. Sometimes we give the impression that they have to be experts when they graduate, when we are really training them to be novices. They will know so little when they are done, but they will, hopefully, have the tools to learn.

After work I went to the old bank and got a bank check for half our balance there, and deposited it in the new bank. Someone from the old bank called me today and told me they could sort of give us an electronic debit card via our iPhone, but I explained that it was too late, and that we had changed banks. The person I talked with understood the issue, and wished us well.

reddy kilowatt jr

One of the panels in the old building elevators.
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