October 23rd, 2017


October 23, Train-related part two

I got to talk to Malida this evening via video call. She has an app called LINE, that she uses to keep in touch with all her family and friends back home, and now she is keeping in touch with me. It's a cool app--has both text chat and calling functions, and is absolutely free.

She's in Bangkok staying with one of her friends. They went out last evening and visited the funeral site for the King. She says it's pretty impressive. It started raining, and they ducked into 7-11 to get some rain ponchos. She will rest today, and they they are heading for some resort in the south of Thailand for a few days.

The house seems really quiet. It would always be this quiet on Monday evening because she normally works until about 9:30, but it feels different today. Even the cats feel it, because they are laying low this evening.

I have a free day at work tomorrow until noon, and will use it to get caught up on my upcoming lectures. Next up is breast cancer, then emergency nursing, and then comes the kidney lectures. I'm pretty well caught up with everything else. It's been a good semester so far.

railroad lamp

An old railroad lamp that hung on my grandfather's patio, and now hangs on mine. The vines are starting to take it over.
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