November 5th, 2017


November 5--Beyond Copperopolis

I set the clocks back last night, and woke up fairly early this morning as a result. The cats were still asleep. I got up and wondered what to do too early on a Sunday morning. I thought about it for a bit and decided to do the chores and then take a drive up into the mountains. The weather looked ok and the roads were open.

I was out of the house by 8:30. I drove south for a while, then headed east. Any road you take to the east is going to get you to the Sierras eventually. I opted for one of the areas where I didn't have to go over a pass to get where I was going.

I stopped at a bunch of places along the way and took walks. It was somewhat overcast in the morning, but not too cold. I stopped at a lake that didn't exist when I was a teenager, though it was just about to. There was a lot of opposition to damming up this part of the Stanislaus river, and before they flooded the area, people chained themselves to boulders to try and stop it. They were unsuccessful.

I drove up past another lake, and into the woods, to capture a few Ingress portals that will soon be inaccessible for the winter. They were captured from me at the beginning of last winter, so I thought I would get them back. It's a pretty area, up where we stayed in a cabin for a week last year. The cabin has since been sold, but I would love to stay up that way again.

On the way back I stopped at Pinecrest Lake, which is just a few miles from the cabin we stayed at. It was somewhat colder, though clearer, and there were hardly any people there. Just a few hikers and a guy fishing. I hiked around for a while, and then headed home before the early darkness.

pinecrest lake

I made it home just before dark. It seems a lot later than it is, which I guess it is. Or maybe not. I'm all time-confused.
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