November 6th, 2017


November 6-The Concept

I'm still a little time-confused, but I think that is mostly because I am trying to manipulate the time change to my benefit, and it just doesn't work out. In any case, I woke up on time this morning, got ready for work, and when I went outside, was greeted with a glorious sky, just before the sun came up.


I snapped a couple of pictures, and then headed off. I thought by the time I got to the park at the end of the street I might get some more pictures, but in the two minutes or so it took me, it was over. A moment in time.

My morning was spent doing office stuff and setting my goals for the week. My colleagues and I met briefly to take a look at the calendar for the next semester, which my colleague J. always takes care of. After four years of working together as a team, we seem pretty settled into our areas of expertise, and we work really well together. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and we rely on each other.

In the afternoon I went for a regional planning meeting for our clinical placements in the hospital. All our requests are done online now, but we still get together to discuss issues and get updates. I always enjoy seeing fellow teachers from the other nursing programs in the area, and talking about what we are up to.

This evening I put together a playlist of music for my second life set on Friday. Normally I spin on Saturday, but I am going down to SF for a concert Saturday evening, staying overnight, and picking up Malida at the airport on Sunday afternoon. I will spend some time exploring as well. All the things I will do this weekend will be good things.

I'm listening to this album by Ben Gibbard--it's a cover album of Teenage Fan Club's Bandwagonesque, and the more I listen, the more I love it.
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