November 8th, 2017


November 8--Feets don't fail me now.

After I posted the feets picture yesterday, two people asked if the tops were legos. I hadn't paid too much attention, so went back to look today, and what do you know...


Lego tops. I imagine the upper parts of the legs are lego bottoms. and that's how they attach to the feet. Way cool.

While Malida is gone, I have the tv to myself and have been watching a bit. Normally I don't watch much of any tv. I came across a new channel. It's the Olympics channel, and shows old Olympics contests, as well as some of the qualifying events for the upcoming winter Olympics.

I was flipping channels the other night, and on the Olympics channel the was a curling match. I have never paid attention to curling, and often wondered why it was even in the Olympics. I watched for a bit, and was gradually drawn in. I watched the entire match, and by the end I was hooked.

It's such an interesting sport. There is a lot of thought and strategy involved, and a lot of precision. This particular match went right down to the wire, and the team I though would win didn't. I can't wait for the winter Olympics to watch more. It will probably be one of those things they show at 3 am. The 2018 Winter Olympics start on February 9, 2018.

I did the last of my 3rd semester overload lectures today. The topic was HIV, and it is one of my favorite lectures. There have been some big changes to both screening for HIV and approaches to treatment, so I read up on it every semester. I like the students in this semester--they ask a lot of interesting and challenging questions. I'll look forward to having them next semester.

After the lecture, I attended a meeting of the nursing alumni board of directors. Somehow I have ended up becoming the next president, not something I was expecting. We started planning for the upcoming year and strategizing about how we can improve membership. I was able to push through an online membership application and online payment system, which should help. We are going to add some education programs throughout the year. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. Most of the members are in their mid to late 70s, so we have to get some new blood in, besides me.

I talked to Malida this evening. They are staying at a small resort on an island off the coast of Thailand. It looks very inviting. She was waiting for the boat to take them back to the mainland. She'll spend a few more days in Bangkok, then fly home on Sunday. I need to clean the house between now and then.

I was looking through the catalog for the Spring semester, and I noticed that my old photography instructor (and now friend) has an 8 week class on photographing the California coast. The field trip part of the class takes place at Point Reyes, which is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm going to sign up for it, I think.
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