November 19th, 2017


November 19--I've come across more than one Esther in my lifetime

We were at the Korea BBQ last week and were served by the woman who served us the first time we went in to their other location years ago. Her name is Esther. She comes down and works in our location sometimes, and it is always great to see her. You don't see too many Esthers these days, but I have known a few over the years.


When I was driving down to San Francisco to pick up Malida last week, I took a different route and had to drive across a fairly high elevated roadway. I have noticed that really high roadways, interchanges, and bridges make me a bit anxious, and I feel my hands gripping the wheel, white-knuckled. I've never really had a fear of heights, but somewhere in the back of my mind is the fear that I am going to drive off the edge or something. That something probably being that there will be an earthquake and the bridge will collapse in front of me.

I drove back by a different route.


The student meeting that I thought wasn't going to go to well today actually went quite well. The student was calm and well-rested. She noted that more sleep seems to make a difference. The preceptor had dialed it down a bit and seemed pleased with the student's progress.

She's a fairly new preceptor, and one of our former students. Newer preceptors tend to base the performance of the students they are precepting against their own experience. It's not until they have precepted a number of students that they begin to understand that not everyone is going to be like them.


I've been thinking about the pork ribs I get in Thailand. In the early morning, the street vendors up at the end of our neighborhood put out their stalls and sell food. One guy grills ribs in a clay bbq pot. My mother-in-law sends my brother-in-law out on his bike to get some ribs for me while she cooks sticky rice. When I wake up and have my coffee, there is a plate of the most delicious ribs and some sticky rice in front of me. I love those ribs.

I asked Malida about it and she said I would never be able to make ribs like that because the cook differently there. I decided to try anyway, and found some recipe online. I made the ribs this evening. They didn't taste like the street ribs, but they were good. Malida loved them, and said they reminded her of home. Probably because I used lots of ginger. There were little bits of grilled ginger sticking to the ribs.

I also trialed a variation on one of my Brussels sprouts recipes that I will use on Thanksgiving. It turned out great. It includes cranberries and toasted almonds.


same but different

The same but different. Everything around me changes, while I stay the same.
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