November 21st, 2017


November 21--Fungus among us

I stayed up kind of late last night listening to music, and got a little less 6 hours sleep, which isn't quite enough. I was disappointed in myself because today was the kidney lectures, which is my favorite lecture of the semester, and I wasn't quite feeling it for the first hour. Note to self: get a full night's sleep before the kidney lectures.

I had hit my stride in the 2nd hour, and the next two hours were fine. These lectures are so fine-tuned that I finish each section almost to the minute from semester to semester. The last hour is kidney Jeopardy, and the students seem to love it.

After four hours of lecture, I was done, but there was an issue with how our testing software, which is part of our course management software, assigns points to multiple answer questions. These are those "select all that apply" questions, where there is more than one correct answer, and any number of incorrect answers. Our old testing software allowed us to just give partial credit for correct responses, but the new system has some algorithm that assigns a percentage of points to correct responses and deducts a percentage of points for incorrect responses.

The IT guy who is in charge of the student management software looked at it, and wrote an explanation, but a lot of the faculty were still perplexed, so I looked at it and figured it out. That seems to be one of my roles--the person who can translate IT into nursing. I went around and explained it to everyone, and we will revisit it at our faculty meeting. that took close to two hours, and I eventually headed for home.

I stopped and did some shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I think I have pretty much everything except some bacon. I don't need bacon for Thanksgiving, but I want some bacon anyway.

This evening I did a bunch of stuff so I don't have to go into work tomorrow. Lots of emails, setting up the course site for next semester, and doing a bunch of preceptor paperwork. The end result is a five-day weekend.

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