November 24th, 2017


November24--Ouija Skull, just like in the window.

ouija skull

I saw something like this in a window of a shop one of my friends photographed, and said to myself, "I have to have one." So now I do. Malida hates it, and it is confined to my office. Good!

I had a relaxing day. Didn't buy anything except some beets for my beet salad this evening. Had a nice walk just before sunset. I was planning to be in a good spot for the anticipated awesome sunset, but ran into someone I hadn't seen for months and months, and we talked straight through the sunset. There's a sunset every night, but how often do you run into someone you haven't seen for a while?

I cleaned everything up from yesterday and put it all away, and did the laundry, so the weekend is fairly clear. No plans, and no students to see. Yay! I would like to go for a nice walk somewhere different tomorrow.