November 25th, 2017


November 25--The Beat is a Tuber

It was a somewhat relaxing Saturday. I woke up after dreaming we had an avocado tree in the back yard. I picked an avocado and brought it in to Malida. It took me a few moments after I awoke to realize we didn't actually have an avocado tree. I don't eat avocados, so no big deal.

Someone talked Malida into trying out Pilates, so off she went, and I went out to the creek to walk for a while. I love being out on a crisp fall day. After the walk I stopped at the store to get some beets and some eggs. I made scrambled eggs and bacon for my lunch. I've been thinking about bacon, and it magically appeared before me at $2.99 a pound. I limited myself to two slices.

This afternoon I steamed my beets in my pressure cooker. they turned out just right. I learned that you don't have to peel beets before steaming. Once they are done, the peels just slide off. Roasting is another story, I'm sure. I suppose you could steam them about halfway, take off the peels, and then roast them the rest of the way. That will be my next experiment.

My dinner consisted of beets and an acorn squash. I might have mentioned that I am on a squash kick. My current food choices aren't random. I had some abnormal labs the last time I visited my doctor, as well as a higher than normal blood pressure. Beets can have a positive effect on blood pressure, which I need less of, and acorn squash is high in potassium, which I need more of. It is also a good source of fiber. I'm not sure about the nutritional benefits of bacon, but I am sure there must be some.

Back in the day, Sacramento had a used record store called The Beat. It was a great place to browse for music. They had an ad on the radio once. I forget what they were talking about, but in the background is a guy droning on over and over, "The Beat is a tuber." I googled it to see if I could find it, but all I found was that back in 2016, I used the same subject line for another post.


My phone just popped up a message telling me to expect rain tomorrow. My weather app agrees. Rain it is, then.
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