December 4th, 2017


December 4--Station Approach.

Ten days until the end of the semester. I can do this. A test, the comprehensive tutoring session, the big test, and then final evaluations. Boom.

The colleague who I cannot say no to asked me to take over one of her responsibilities, and shared with me that she will have a new position soon. I said yes, of course. I am now in charge of tutoring services for Allied Health. Not sure what it really entails, but she has been doing that and all sorts of other things in addition to her teaching load. Of course she's superhuman.

The rest of the morning was taken up with a meeting with the dean about the above, and our last faculty meeting of the semester. My 4th semester team threw in an impromptu team meeting in between. We gave the students the day off tomorrow, so I have a free day to get the exams ready and get the evaluations started. I better get there early so I can get some stuff done before I get driven off-track by whatever.

I was going to walk this afternoon, but it was really windy, and I hate the wind. It makes me irritable. It was pretty cold too. So I wrapped myself in my winter blanket and took a nice nap. After I got up I did house chores and made a beet salad from the beets I cooked yesterday.

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