December 7th, 2017


December 7--61002

When the alarm went off this morning, my first instinct was to burrow deeper into my warm comfortable blanket and sleep some more. I was having an interesting dream, and really wanted to experience part 2. I got up, thinking that if I got in early I would get stuff done.

I left for work early, and found unexpected traffic. Two accidents up ahead. The radio said the left lane was blocked, and the electronic signboard said the right. Turns out they were both right, depending on which accident you were talking about. In any case, it took me an hour to get to work.

I was still the first person in the office, and managed to get all the stuff at the top of my list done. I had some coffee and listened to music, and it was pleasant. I have a three hour comprehensive tutoring for my students tomorrow that is part review, and part case studies that I reviewed and updated.

I went over to the hospital at about 11 and finished up with my final precepted student for the semester. The door is now officially closed. I won't have to go back to the hospital for about another month.

I stopped at the store on the way home to get something for Malida, but it was the wrong thing, and she was crabby about it. I let it go, and we took a nap. When I got up, I went back to the store and got the right thing, and the ingredients to make stuffed squash, which I then made. It was more delicious than I expected. A less crabby Malida loved it.

I've had mixed feelings about my new camera, to the point that I have considered sending it back. I talked to the guy who first told me about it this evening. He is one of my photography mentors, and the guy who taught me how to photograph people. He sent me a video of a National Geographic photographer explaining how he used the camera to get some amazing images. One of the things he said in the video, is that you have to understand what your camera is capable of, and what it isn't. He then went on to describe what this camera can do, and showed some amazing photographs.

I remember thinking the same thing with my Canon when I first got it. I traveled all across Canada and the US and was so disappointed in what I photographed. Mostly because I didn't know how to use the tool. Eventually I learned, and my photographs improved.

So I'm not sending my camera back. I'm going to learn to use it. My goal is to take my photography to the next level. I'll post the good and the bad here as my photography journal. That's my objective for the coming year.

desk pig

Desk pig at 1/3 second, f11, hand held.
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