December 8th, 2017


December 8--Reciprocal changes

I slept so well last night! Even though I got up to say goodbye to Malida at 3:45 when she left for her long day, I went right back to sleep and got up refreshed at 6. I made it to work before 7, and managed to finish the questions for the final exam before my long tutoring session at 8.


In the parking lot at work as I arrived. The curved line at the bottom of the picture is the football stadium, which opened in 1928. It is an awesome structure, and I should photograph it one of these days. I saw Pink Floyd there when I was a nursing student.

The students brought food for the tutoring session, and it was an amazing spread. We even had eggnog, which I haven't tried in years. I brought plates.

The tutoring went well. I start at the content from the beginning of the semester, and then show how it threads through everything we have learned since. The students seem to have a good grasp of the material, and I suspect they will do well on the final, which is first thing Monday morning.

After work I stopped at the store for some stuff I need to make a holiday appetizer for our nursing faculty Christmas party at my boss's house. It's the first time our department has had a party in years. I am making a spinach dip-Christmas tree-breadstick thing that I saw on Facebook. I'm curious to see how it turns out, and if it will look anything like the pictures that accompanied the recipe.

Next week will be busy. We have the final exam and final evaluations on Monday, our graduation/pinning ceremony on Tuesday, a 3-hour accreditation planning meeting on Wednesday, a tutoring meeting and filing on Thursday, when the semester ends. Friday, I am going wine tasting with my old ICU friends. Yay!

cat closeup

A close-up of Mook. I like that it is sharp where it is supposed to be sharp. Mook is always a cooperative model.
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