December 10th, 2017


December 10--Along a One-Celled Hammond Organism

Today was farmers market day and I got up and went out in the cold. I wore my new warm hoodie, which was perfect. I ran into my dentist there, and we chatted for about 20 minutes. I also ran into my friend Danny, and got an invitation to dinner next Saturday.

assorted squash

Assorted squash. I bought a few, two bunches of beets, some persimmons, some apples, and a few other assorted things. We are set for the week. Despite the cold weather, the market was full of people, probably getting ready for the holidays.

After the market I went to Laguna Creek to take a walk. Malida was at Pilates again, so didn't join me.


Not quite what it seems to be.

egret revisited

My egret friend again. Different branch. There were no turtles out--probably too cold for them.

After the walk, I met Malida and we drove over to pick up our friend and take her to lunch. She's the one who just moved here from Thailand last year. Her husband the pilot is off on a trip, and she was stuck at home for three days, as she doesn't drive here yet.

We took her to the Korea bbq place, which seems to be everyone's favorite. We ate our fill and then dropped her off and came home for a nice nap. The cats joined us.

I cooked up the beets this afternoon and put them in the refrigerator for the coming week. I was going to cook some other stuff as well, but the Korea bbq left me with a temporary food aversion, so I will cook some more tomorrow. I'm thinking Swiss chard and acorn squash.

I started putting tomorrow's final exam together. One of the other semester teachers told me that the way she finds question problems is to take the test herself. I thought that was such a smart idea that I tried it. I got through the 80 questions with a score of about 80%. I missed one of my own questions. It has an issue.

I found five other questions with issues. I fixed my questions and texted my colleagues about the issues with theirs. Neither was able to get back to me, so I fixed theirs too, and they later thanked me. I ported everything over to the testing sites, and set the test security. We are good to go.

Some of you asked about the recipe for my holiday tree appetizer. Here is the link to the webpage that has both the recipe and the video about how to make it. Click here!
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