December 11th, 2017


December 11--Full Disclosure

We had our final exam today. It went off without a hitch, and everyone passed, which was a relief. We had a few on the fence going into it, but they did fine. I gave final evals after the exam, and now everyone is officially done with nursing school. We have our pinning ceremony tomorrow.

This has been a great semester, but I am so glad it is all but over. I still have a few days of work left to do, but the hard part is over. The beginning of each semester is like climbing onto a roller coaster, and there's no getting off until the ride is done.

I don't have any big plans for the break. I'm going wine tasting with my old ICU friends on Friday, which is my first official day off. I will drive (or take the train) somewhere to take pictures on Monday, and after that it is open. We might head up to Yosemite for a day or two after Christmas.

When I was at the Christmas party the other day, the husband of my boss asked me, "what's with the Hello Kitty thing?" I guess she told him about it, and he wanted to know. A couple of people here have asked the same thing, so I thought it was time to explain the whole Hello Kitty thing.

I like Hello Kitty.

hello Kitty
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