December 13th, 2017


December 13---one more day

I got in to the office early this morning with the plan that I would write my recommendation letters before my three-hour meeting. Didn't happen. I came across a woman who was supposed to be giving a seminar for the graduating students on the licensing exam, and no one had let her into the room, or gotten anything ready. Since I was the only one there, it fell to me.

An hour and a half later, I was back where I started, and with less than 30 minutes until my meeting. So I'll do it tomorrow. I was irritated for a bit, but it always passes.

Our three-hour accreditation team meeting was productive. We developed a timeline with our deadlines, and looked at a bunch of documents we will need as part of our evidence. We developed a set of questions we have to ask other people about. Our director came in at the end and her thought about where things should be on the timeline matched ours, so it was all good.

Our department chair asked me if I wanted to pick up an additional non-nursing class. I told her I would think about it and asked when she needed to know. "Tomorrow" she said, and laughed. I laughed too. It's 4 hours a week, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and a super-easy class. It would cut into my nap time, though, so I think I'll say no. Though she is another of those people it is difficult to say no to. I'll sleep on it.

Speaking of naps, I came home and had a nice one. I had a dream about one of my friends who had a baby about 3 months ago. In the dream, I ended up babysitting this little baby. He was hungry, and I found a bottle with some milk in it and gave it to him. He finished it, and looked up at me, expectantly.

"What?" I said.

"Gimme another!" he replied.


Some moss growing on the old train trestle that goes over the creek, in the charred areas where it burned once. I was about 8 feet away and below it, and was pleased by how sharp it turned out.
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