December 14th, 2017


December 14--(insert deep, satisfying sigh here)


I went in early to get the review class going, then headed to my little cubicle to process all the end-of-semester paperwork. There are big huge piles of it. Most of my colleagues were doing the same, but there was a joy in the air--that feeling you only get on the last day of the semester.

I met with the person I am taking over tutoring liaison from. She spent an hour going over everything that needs to be done over the course of the semester, and had it all broken out on a document she made. She is a wonderful teacher, and is so totally committed to the success of the students. In her new role, she will influence student success more indirectly, but on a larger scale. I wish her well.

The department chair dropped by to see if I had thought about taking on the additional class. I told her I had thought about it, and decided not to. I listed a few reasons why (upcoming accreditation, etc.), and added, "and it's right in the middle of my nap time." She busted up laughing. Naps are important.

I finished everything up, and filed it all away, then cleaned up my desk. I should have taken a picture. It only looks this way on the first and last days of the semester. The rest of the time it is stuff scattered everywhere. That's how I operate.

I went around and said goodbye to everyone and got a nice round of hugs, then headed home, my briefcase empty except for my laptop. I don't need to go back until the second week in January.

I came home and Malida was waiting for me so we could take a nap. We did, and were joined by the cats. After we got up we took a walk in the park. It was brisk, but felt good. I love the cool weather.

sunset in our eyes

The sunset was in our eyes. It was a lovely afternoon. Life is good.
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