December 21st, 2017


December 20--Mongolian ribs

Today was a day mostly for shopping. Malida wanted to go to the outlet stores to get some stuff, and we decided to have lunch at our favorite place near the outlet stores. I was for shopping first and eating later, in the hope that shopping time would be regulated by hunger, but I was overruled, so we ate first.

mongolian ribs

The food was delicious. It is an asian bistro run by the family of one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the area, so always good. I ordered a bunch of appetizers and Malida got the walnut honey prawns. We had enough left over for dinner this evening.

We shopped at the outlet mall. It was somewhat tedious, and I wanted a nap after the nice meal. I got a pair of hiking shoes and Malida got all sorts of stuff. We headed home and got that nap.

In the evening we went to Costco. I was going to go tomorrow during the day, but someone told me it was less crowded at night, and that turned out to be true. I bought some stuff for our trip to Yosemite and the usual stuff we need.

I ordered some prints online of some of the stuff I have been photographing to see how it looks. I usually do 5x7 prints as a test, then make big prints later, though I haven't printed up anything in about 5 years. They turned out pretty good, though the one of the bass player was a little washed out. I know how to fix that. I will reprint some stuff, and make some larger prints for a few of my friends who expressed interest in one of my shots.


I made a big print of that grape photograph. Malida really likes it and wants me to frame it and put it up. So I will.

It was another good day.
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