December 23rd, 2017


December 23--You otter take my picture

It was kind of a lazy morning. I got up late and made some coffee. I enjoyed it with the cats while I waited for Malida to get up even later. After she got up I did some laundry and cleaned all the lenses of all the cameras. I reset hers to factory specs. When I use cameras, I reset all the buttons to do what I want them to do, and no one else can ever figure out how to focus. So now her camera is officially hers again.

I put all my camera stuff in my new camera bag, including my old body and the one lens for it that I am keeping. It all fits nicely. It is a backpack bag, and I will use it as such when I do my coastal photography course in the spring. While I was looking at all my stuff, I decided I needed a neutral density filter for the new camera. I looked them up online, and the local camera shop downtown had a graduated one that perfectly meets my needs.

After Malida left for Pilates, I drove downtown to get the filter. On the way back I stopped at the creek for a walk. It has been overcast the past few days, so everything looks kind of dull. On my way back to the car, I noticed some activity in the creek where the turtles hang out in warmer weather. It was a couple of river otters playing around. When they saw me the dove for cover.

I stood there and waited. Eventually one of them popped his head up to take a look. As soon as he saw me, he went down again and swam off. As he swam, he left a trail of bubbles, so I could kind of predict where he would pop up again.


This happened over and over. I think it was kind of a game for him, and really, for me too. I spent about 20 minutes there. Finally he came up out of the water and we took a good look at each other.


I didn't have my long lens, so couldn't get a close-up, but was happy with what I got.

Malida got home shortly after I did, and we took a short nap. I got up to start cooking dinner. We will be on the road for Christmas, so I made a small pork roast, some squash, and some beets. It was delicious.


I cooked the roast in my big cast iron frying pan. I love that pan. Every once in a while Facebook has a meme that shows a cast iron pan and asks, "Anyone remember these?", as if they are bakelite wall phones or something.

Malida has to work early tomorrow. I will get stuff ready for our short trip, and make some food to take with us. In the afternoon I will photograph one of my former student's family for their holiday picture. It's not really the kind of photography that I do, but I saw it as a chance to see how the new camera does with groups. I'll pretend they are birds and otters.
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