December 27th, 2017


December 27--Lagrange points

I got up before Malida to make coffee, and when she heard me she thought it was one of the cats barfing. I guess that's what making coffee sounds like. After she got up, I crawled back into bed and slept until 8. I got up and did laundry, and straightened up the house.

I left the house and headed to the bank to get new credit cards made. Just before we left for Yosemite, we got a call from the fraud prevention folks, who wanted to verify that we made a purchase. We didn't, and they cancelled our card. It was interesting--the purchase was not to far from here, and only for something like $140. Not sure how that triggered their fraud detection algorithms, but it did.

The bank person said the cards hadn't actually been cancelled, but that she would do it. Mine wasn't compromised, but Malida's was, so they replaced that. Unfortunately, when I finally got home this evening and looked at it, they cancelled her debit card instead of the credit card. I guess I will have to go back again tomorrow.

After the bank I drove downtown for no particular reason, other than I needed to be on the other side of downtown at about noon, and had some time to kill. I found some free parking and walked down J Street for a couple of miles. J Street was where I first started photographing things with my first digital camera. I photographed anything and everything.

It was interesting to go back and see what is still there and what has changed. I took some photos of street art.

pet rocks

These rock faces have been here for years. I think I photographed them with my first camera.

rose trees

I hadn't seen this before. It is on the side of a building that used to house a nice garden supply store, which is now no more. In its place is a cupcake store. As I was photographing this, some guy stopped and congratulated me on my nice painting.

I walked for about an hour, then headed over to see my former in-laws. Nanay calls every once in a while and asks why I don't come to visit more often, so when I called them on Christmas, I told her I would visit today, and I did. It was good to see them, and they were happy to see me.

We chatted for a while, and Nanay showed me the medicines she is taking. She likes to consult me. I took both their blood pressures, and they were both fine. I showed them my new camera and took their picture. Nanay usually never smiles in pictures, but she did today. Tatay always smiles. :)

Nanay and Tatay

I like the picture. I didn't notice when I was taking it, but in the background is a picture of their daughter, my first wife, smiling down on them. That made it just about perfect for me.
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