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I fixed breakfast for Malida yesterday--Scrambled eggs and bacon. We had planned to go out, but woke up late and decided to eat in. After we ate we got dressed and went to the creek trail and took a nice walk. After the freezing weather we've been having lately, it was a balmy 60F. Lots of people out walking little dogs. Made me wonder if there was a little dog rental stand at the end of the trail.

There's a bridge over the creek that leads to a park and the houses beyond. I love the texture of that bridge, and take a picture of the bolts almost every time I cross it.

After the walk we went to the movies to see Lincoln. I thought it was a great film, and got lost in it. Malida didn't understand it at first, but eventually figured it out and loved it too. After the movie we picked up Thai food and relaxed for the rest of the day. A good day.
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