January 2nd, 2018


January 2--Two tiny brass bells

There's some talk in meteorological circles that we might get some rain this week. So far only clouds. My nephew is out visiting from Connecticut, and was talking about the impending blizzard he will be flying back into. I am once again grateful for our mild weather. Rain would be good, though.

I walked along the local creek this morning. There were a few people out, but mostly I had the place to myself. There were two teenagers sitting on the only picnic table along the trail, smoking some weed and eating a pizza. As I walked past, they both said, "Happy New Year Sir!"


After the walk I went to Target to get a new coffee maker, and some Moleskine notebooks to keep track of music I want to listen to. I got the same kind of coffee maker we have had. It only makes 4 cups, but that's perfect for us. Mr. Coffee.

I attempted a nap, but Malida came home and started making noise and turning on the lights. I got up and cleaned the new coffee maker and messed with a music playlist I am working on. It is the best of 2017, part 2. I did best of 2017, part 1 last week. There was a lot of great music put out this past year.

In the evening we met my sister and her family for dinner at a nice place downtown. They had eaten here on their anniversary, and wanted to take us and their visiting son for the new year. Our table was not in the main dining room, but in one of two wine rooms they have in the back.

Renee and Paul

My sister Renee and her husband Paul.

It was a nice room. Quiet so we could talk. The food was fantastic.

Ethan and Malida

My nephew who is visiting, with Malida. He is in the navy and works on a submarine. How old do you think he is? Nope.


I really wanted Malida to snag that bottle of 18 year old Macallan, but no go.

I believe that was the last of our holiday-related social events. We were supposed to have one more dinner at our house on Thursday, but the people who were coming backed out due to flu-like symptoms. Malida says, "good!"