January 11th, 2018


January 11--The Daily Possum

Getting up isn't so much the problem--it's more getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. I woke up just before my alarm went off at 6, and gave some thought to resetting the alarm to 7, but got up anyway and got ready to go to work. I got there by 7, which was my goal.

Amazingly, no one other than our nice part-time receptionist came in all morning, and I got all sorts of stuff done. I emailed my new students about their clinical assignments, and got an impassioned email back from one about why she wants to be an ICU nurse. She noted at the end that "I am young and have no kids, so I can do anything I want to do". She's an early candidate for favorite student.

Before I left the office to go to the hospital to take care of some clinical stuff, I walked over to the photo department to say hi to my friend Paul, and show him my new camera. He will be teaching the coastal landscaping class I am taking, and we talked a lot about the Point Reyes area, and different places to shoot. I am really looking forward to it. He invited me to bring Malida along with me, but I'm not sure she wants to traipse around day and night searching for the perfect photograph. She's thinking about it.

I went over to the hospital to see how things are there. About half the floors I have students on have new managers, so I got their names and will introduce myself to them next week. I found the LVN program instructor there and talked to her for a while. We will have students on the same units for the first few weeks, so we figured that out.

I ended up talking with her for close to an hour. It turns out we have some experiences in common, including losing our spouses at a fairly young age, and the ways we worked through that. In that hour she became a whole different person than the person I assumed she was. Amazing what can happen when people sit down and talk.

I came home in the afternoon and checked on my own compliance stuff for clinical. I have to meet all sorts of requirements in order to bring students into the hospital. I was surprised to learn that the drug screen I took in September was never reported out, either to the place that handles our compliance, or to our own HR department. I called the compliance place and they said they never heard of me. I called HR and they said, "talk to the compliance place--we have nothing to do with it". I called the lab and they said "we can't talk to you--only your employer".

It was kind of frustrating. I finally wrote a long email to the HR department summarizing the situation and cc'ing it to my boss. The HR person called back and said she would call the lab and see what they said, but I would probably have to take the test again.

Somebody lost a test that had a chain of custody. That inspires confidence.

We are having a big district-wide convocation tomorrow at one of our sister schools. It is an 8-hour meeting. This is the first time that all 4 schools have come together like this. Should be....interesting.

and guy

Somebody moved Ant Guy next to a tree. I like it.
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