January 15th, 2018


January 15--Keeping the dream alive

Even though it was a holiday for me, I got up early so I could be downtown at 7:30. One of my old night shift ICU friends was leaving the ICU to work elsewhere, and they were having a going-away breakfast for him. I didn't want to miss it.


I've known John pretty much since I have been a nurse. He used to work upstairs on the urology floor, and was known to be able to insert a foley catheter in anyone. He was the guy we called when we couldn't do it. Someone today dubbed him the "penis whisperer". Later, John came down to the ICU and I became his supervisor. He tended to get in hot water in those days, but eventually settled down.

Our friendship was cemented when he lost his oldest soon at the same time I lost my first wife. We talked a lot in those days, and it was comforting for me to be able to tell someone how it really felt, who knew exactly how it felt.


Some of the old ICU crew. Two of these are my former students. One is also now a nursing educator. Two of them ended up getting married. One irons his scrubs and wears blue shoes. It was good to see all of them.

I was planning to go to the big MLK march, but missed the start, so came home and did chores. In the afternoon, I headed over to our local library, where there was supposed to be a small local MLK march, in response to some racist stuff that has been popping up in our town.

It looked at first as if no one was there, but eventually people started showing up, and we ended up with a group of about 60-70. We marched into old town and back to the library, and some people spoke. I'm glad I went.


One of the organizers speaks in front of a business where some racist messages were left for the owner. The owner also spoke, and I got a chance to talk with her a bit.

MLK march

It was a diverse crowd, with lots of young people. Good to see. My hope is that it will become a yearly event.


The students are back tomorrow. I feel like I have had a full break and am ready to go!