January 17th, 2018


January 17--Denied

squirrel eating a sucker

Banned from the portfolio. "But it's a squirrel eating a sucker!"

Our students weren't there today because we gave them the day to complete all the junk they need to complete for their clinical compliance. My team wasn't there either, so I had the cubicle to myself. It was pleasant, and I got a lot done. I mostly worked on getting the tutoring schedules together for the various semesters. The hardest part is finding available classrooms for tutoring sessions. Rooms are at a premium, and we are all filled up in the temps. I was able to deal for one room on Monday afternoon, which will help.

We use student tutors. Two students who are now in second semester tutor the first semester students, and so on. We have been fortunate to have some funding to pay them. I tutor the final semester. It would be great if I could get some of the graduates to come back and tutor, but they have to be enrolled in classes to get paid, so it's a no-go. Plus they make about 10 times what tutors make when they get a job in the hospital.

I tutored when I was a student. I tutored chemistry for about a year. I enjoyed doing it and it helped me solidify my own knowledge. I remember that one of the students I tutored knitted me a nice scarf. I loved chemistry classes, and still remember how exciting it was to learn about how things worked.

Someone who works in our department likes to complain about all sorts of things, and it is always related to how it inconveniences her, as if she's the center of the universe. Today I walked by her talking to a student, and she was complaining to the student about the box lunches they served at our convocation last week, and how it was way too many carbs for her particular diet.

I went over to the hospital again today to see if I could track down some of the managers I missed last week, but not a single manager was to be found. I came back to campus and sent them all letters to let them know we are coming. They're all really supportive, and I like working with them.

Tomorrow I will teach the electronic medical record and some other stuff at the hospital's regional learning center, and then Friday we are back in the hospital for clinical orientation. Time to start counting the days until I don't have to get up at 5 am for clinicals anymore. I like to plan ahead.
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