January 18th, 2018


January 18--Ad Hoc

I taught the electronic medical record class today for my group and the other two groups that are going to hospitals that use this particular EMR. It is always one of the least favorite days of the semester. The EMR they use is "glitchy" at best, and I don't really understand it very well. Things were additionally complicated this morning because three of the computers in the lab wouldn't turn on, and we had to wait about a half-hour for someone to come and fix them. I got grouchy as a result.

While I was teaching the class, I was getting emails about the tutoring schedule. There were issues that needed to be resolved, but I was in the class and couldn't address them. Also, I forgot to eat breakfast, which exacerbated my grouchiness.

We took a break and I made a few calls. When it was time for the class to restart, the students were standing around and talking, and even after I started to talk, they kept standing around and talking. So I gave them the "my time management expectations speech," which goes,

"If I tell you to be back at 11 am, that means you are in your seats and ready for me to start at 11 am. It doesn't mean keep talking and walking around. If we start clinical at 06:30, then at 06:30 you are on the floor ready to go. It doesn't mean you are in the break room putting your stuff away," etc...

I give that speech every semester, but I think this sets the record for earliest in the semester. It got their attention. I think I am perceived as a fairly easygoing instructor, but I do have a thing for being on time and ready to go. During the semester when we have post-clinical conferences, anyone who is late has to bring snacks for the next conference. Everyone seems to like that.

After the training, we administered the math exam. You have to pass a math exam to be able to give medications. You have three chances to pass. If you don't pass on the third attempt, you are out. That's never happened since I have been there, and I would hope it never does. This time around, all my students passed on the first attempt, though they don't know it yet. I'll tell them in the morning when we meet for the first time at the hospital.

I came home and took a nap. Malida arrived home from her first photography class and was very excited about all she had learned. She learned about speed shutter and f-shot. She had some homework related to understanding her camera, and we went over it together. It is great to see her interested in one of my passions.

After that we had dinner at a place we have wanted to try. It is out of town a bit, and it was raining, but the food was great, as was the service. We will go back for sure.

I came home and sorted out the tutoring stuff and was able to send out the final schedule at about 9 pm. I have to be in the hospital by 6 am tomorrow, so will attempt to get to bed at a reasonable hour. As I typed that, I heard a voice in my head saying, "good luck with that". lol.

math exam

The tail end of the math exam, with my colleague in the background.
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