January 19th, 2018


January 19--The Hello Kitty Depth-of-Field lecture

I managed to wake up a few minutes before my alarm went off, and eased into the early morning. My favorite work pants were still in the wash, so I had to wear different ones that don't fit as well. I've lost about 12 pounds in the past two months, so while some things fit better, others don't. I'll live with that.

I got to the hospital early and got caught up on some stuff. All the students arrived at least 15 minutes before they had to, which I take as a good sign. We started our orientation early and got to leave early.

The first part of the morning was introductions. I always ask the students to say something they don't think anyone else knows about them. When it gets to me, I give a fairly long introduction, generally starting with my first hospital job when I was 16. I include the highs, lows and in-betweens. Not sure why I go into such detail, but I think it makes me more human to them.

After we went through all the paperwork, we took a tour of the hospital and then I cut them loose to explore their floors. While they were out, I checked their compliance stuff so we could get that all wrapped up today.

the new group

During our tour, we stopped for the obligatory first day of clinical photo.

We were finished by noon!

I went home and had a nice salad. Malida arrived home shortly thereafter, and had her lunch, then we took a nice nap.

After nap time we went to the park to take a walk and do some photography practice. She had to take some front, side, and back lighting shots, so we fooled around with that. When we got to the western end of the park, I showed her how to manipulate depth of field. I pulled a Hello Kitty out of my pocket and boom!


I remember how confusing this stuff was for me when I was first learning photography, in the same way that a lot of nursing things were confusing when I first started. Eventually it makes sense.

I am planning to go to the Women's March in Sacramento tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it.
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List only four answers to each question

Four places I’ve lived:

1. San Anselmo, Ca
2. Bitburg, Germany
3. Mountain Home, Id
4. Sacramento, Ca

Four places I've worked:
1. Nursing home kitchen
2. Hospital newborn nursery
3. Hospital ICU
4. Classroom

Four things I like to watch:
1. Live music shows in intimate settings
2. People
3. The setting sun over water
4. Well-made movies

Four places I have been:
1. Ōpūnohu Bay, Mo'orea, Society Islands
2. Napoli, Italy
3. Guelph, Canada
4. Hanoi, Vietnam

Four things I love to eat:
1. Acorn Squash
2. Salad
3. Hot dogs
4. Ribs

Four favorite things to drink:
1. Water
2. Orange Juice
3. Unsweetened Ice Tea
4. Wine

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