January 22nd, 2018


January 22--She fled like a plague

I was first in the office this morning, and got a lot done before people started coming in. Mondays are the day everyone is in the office, so it gets loud and crowded pretty quickly. And warm. It got up to about 76 in the late morning. Fortunately, our always thinking receptionist opened the door a bit to let some of the cool moist air in.

We got some nice rain last night, and it drizzled most of the day. It was supposed to be a cooler storm, so we were supposed to get some snow up in the mountains. Malida wants to go back up this Sunday and see. We'll see.

There were a bunch of meetings this morning, starting with my 4th semester team meeting. We just started the semester, so no real issues yet. We are piloting some new outpatient rotations later in the semester and spent most of the time figuring that out. Should be interesting.

After team meetings, we had the big faculty meeting. Lots of interesting stuff coming up, including our ongoing discussion about adopting a new text book. One faculty member has attempted to co-opt the discussion about textbooks, sending out a flurry of emails advocating her preference for a certain text. She came prepared today with a completely perplexing powerpoint presentation to make her point. During her presentation, she incorrectly asserted that I was the chief advocate for the book she doesn't like.

I'm usually pretty quiet in the meetings, but I had to stop her and point out that I am not the chief advocate--I simply stated that I liked it. I reminded her that we had had this discussion, and that I would be fine with either book, but preferred the one.

But since she brought it up, I then advocated for the book I like. I pointed out that the online and text package of my book was about 1/3 the price of the book she likes. I reminded her that my book's publisher gladly gives us desk copies where her publisher wouldn't, and that my book's publisher rep came out and presented to the faculty last semester, and we can't even get her publisher's rep to return calls. Not to mention that the text I like was just updated, and hers is 3 years old. So there.

Normally I would leave after the meetings, but in my new role as tutoring liaison, I need to be around while students are tutoring, so couldn't leave until after three. I used that time to think about how I could use that time in the future, and decided I would spend it working on our accreditation stuff. Then I looked at Facebook until the students were done.

It's going to be an interesting semester. I have all sorts of new responsibilities that will take up more of my time, but I feel invigorated and ready to jump in. I expect that will last for about 3 weeks, and then I will again be overwhelmed until the semester is over. And then it will be summer break. Can't wait!

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