January 29th, 2018


January 29--48 hour later

...and I'm still sick. I think I felt worse today than the past two days. I stayed home from work today, and will stay home again tomorrow. I am hoping to feel well enough to do clinicals on Thursday and Friday. In 10 years of teaching, I have never called in sick for a clinical day. Mostly because it is a big hassle.

We don't really have any substitutes standing by, so I would have to craft some sort of alternate assignment, which is akin to 8 hour of busywork for the students, which I don't want to do. I'll talk to my boss tomorrow and see what she says.

Being sick is kind of boring. I've been sleeping a lot, but other than that I haven't had the energy to do anything besides watch tv. I hate watching tv. I have some work I could do, but don't feel like doing it.

Anyway, I will be better soon.


Some flamingos substituting for today's picture.