February 7th, 2018


February 7--Number 9

I had my doctor visit today, and everything looked good. My blood pressure was well within the normal range, and he was pleased with my progress. He said not to worry about the A1c unless it gets above 6, so I'm ok there too. Back again in 6 months.

The only thing I didn't like was that, when we were looking at the labs on the computer, he tapped my age up on the screen and started, "For an older man...". Nope. I reject the idea that I am an older man. I remember when my grandma, at age 85, moved into a retirement community and complained about all the old people there.

She was born 108 years ago today. She lived to be 93, though she believed she had made it to 100. No one told her otherwise. Happy birthday Grandma!

I mentioned my lingering cough to the doctor and he told me I could expect to have it for about a month. "Don't get sick again," he added. Ok.

chair 9

Chair 9 at the Bodie ghost town.