February 15th, 2018


February 15--I fell in with the bad nuns

This would normally be a clinical day, but since tomorrow is a holiday for us, we had the students come in and do skills competencies. It'a a half-day affair, and a great way to ease into the four-day weekend. I don't really like skills days, but it is easier than walking around the hospital for 8 hours, so I tolerate it.

The students asked me to take their class picture today as well. They wanted it in front of the old building, so we walked over and I took the pictures. It was the first time using my new camera for class pictures, and it worked like a champ. I have been using it so much that I didn't really even have to think about what I was doing with it. I like that it is becoming second nature.

class of 2018

The class of Spring, 2018.

It was windy today, and it made me crabby and gave me a headache. I kept my head down and my mouth shut, and got through the day. I came home and took a nap, and felt better afterwards. In the afternoon I walked in the park. It's the first time I have walked there for more than a week. Everything is the same. I walked about twice as far as normal, which is two loops, or a little more than three miles. It felt good.

Malida and I both have the day off tomorrow, so we will take the ferry to San Francisco and walk around taking pictures. It is supposed to be sunny and about 62, which is about perfect. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't walked around SF for a while.

I don't really have any big plans for the long weekend. Malida is working Saturday, and I am taking my car in for a recall, so I will probably stick close to home and get caught up on some stuff I need to get caught up on. On Monday I will head back down to the Bay Area to scope out the Point Reyes area in anticipation of my photo class field trip coming up in April. I want to get down there early enough to see the sunrise, so I will have to leave at about 4 am. Maybe.

bad nuns

I saw this on a white car parked next to me today. At first I took the pic so I could use it as my subject line, but decided it was a ready-made black and white image. So there.