February 27th, 2018


February 26--Wild weather

It was a day of mildly wild weather. We had lots of rain, lightning, thunder loud enough to set off car alarms, and a bunch of hail. The hail here is not like the hail in Texas--it is only about the size of a small pea or less. The interesting thing was how much we got. In some areas there was about 2 inches on the ground. I was driving home through it, and slowed way down. I didn't look at the news, but I am guessing there was a bunch of accidents.

It is supposed to be sunny today and tomorrow, and then rain again during the latter part of the week. We need the rain, so yay.

flamingo hail

The flamingos don't quite know what to make of it.

Work was typical Monday--a series of meetings. I am on the hiring committee for our new faculty position, and we met to go over the hiring rules and stuff. It is a really tightly controlled process, so that fairness is ensured. We even have one person on the committee whose job is to ensure that we are equitable. It is an interesting, but time consuming process.

woman and dog

A woman and her dog, walking along a trail on the west side of Point Reyes Station, the town we stayed in over the weekend. This area looks like it used to be a dairy farm, one of many scattered around the area. Many of the remaining dairy farms are now part of the national seashore area, and will revert back to public land when the families who run them decide to stop. They can't be sold.


Black and white Buddha.

I don't usually post this early in the morning. As I was sleeping, I dreamed about something that would make a good black and white picture for my LJ, then woke up. I got up and fed the cats, and realized that I was up an hour before I needed to be. I also realized I hadn't made an entry for yesterday. So I made some coffee and wandered back to my office, where the lights were still on from last evening, waiting for me to return. I wouldn't think I would feel chatty at 5:30 in the morning, but I do. I guess my body is getting used to this whole go to bed on time and get a good night's sleep thing.
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