March 2nd, 2018


March 1--Soft-shoe shufflers

February flew by, as it always does, unless it is a leap year, which slows it down a bit. Since Malida and I were married on February 29, our anniversary sort of falls between the last day of February and the first day of March, unless it is leap year. That makes this our 10th anniversary.

left foots

Our left foots.

This is also the 11th anniversary of when we first met in Ubon Ratchathani, while I was on my first adventure to Southeast Asia. Six months after we met the first time, we met again in Germany, took a picture of our left foots, and decided to get married. I didn't give it a lot of thought--it was really just part of the journey I was on.

We were going to go out to dinner last night, but it was pouring rain, so we stayed in and watched some tv. Married life.

This is a short work week for me. I was in the hospital yesterday with my group, and they are doing fine. Today they have a writing assignment, and I have to go to court to testify on behalf of a friend. It should be fairly quick. I am the first up, and I can't imagine them being able to come up with more than a few questions.

After court I will work on setting up preceptorships for my students. I received the preceptor names yesterday, and I know most of them, so it should be fairly easy. I dread setting up preceptorships, but once they start, my life becomes a lot easier, so it balances out.


I took a picture of my stethoscope. I was thinking that this will likely be the last stethoscope I will ever own. My previous one lasted for years and years, partly because the manufacturer has a great program where you can send it in to be refurbished. It finally just kind of fell apart. I've had this one for a few years, but rarely use it, unless my students ask me to listen to something, which they rarely do. I need to incentivize that so they ask me more. Maybe a gold star or something.


I have a leftover black and white image from the February challenge. I was going to use it the other day, but forgot. Done.