March 3rd, 2018


March 3--Subpoena retraction

I was all set to go to court and testify on behalf of my friend, and was on my way to the courthouse when the DA called and said they no longer needed me. I noted that I was wearing a tie, but that didn't change anything. Fortunately, I was one exit away from the campus, so I went there and worked instead.

I was the only one in the cubicle farm, and it was nice to have the peace and quiet. I got stuff together for the upcoming preceptorships, and thought about next week's test. I talked to my boss for a bit. I left at about noon and went across to Land Park to walk around and take some pictures before heading home.

pioneer statue

The old pioneer statue at the top of what used to be a waterway that led to the big duck pond. Just behind the statue is the fence for the zoo. To the right is a Catholic grade school, where my old spiritual advisor lived, in a convent on the school grounds. I used to wander around this part of the park when I was early for an appointment. It was around the time when I got my first digital camera, and I took a lot of pictures.

I came home and had lunch with Malida. It rained in the afternoon, and it sounded good. I didn't take a nap, but did sit in my easy chair for a while. After the rain let up for a bit, I went over to the park and walked again.

There is a concrete path that surrounds the duck pond, and it is the best place to walk when it is wet out. it's only a half-mile, so I walked around it four times. It started raining on my 3rd loop, but I was dressed for it, so didn't care.

rain swimming

The park was mostly empty, except for some sort of swimming class going on in the pool. I am guessing they are from the high school next door to the park. I can't imagine anyone else crazy enough to do laps in the rain.

In the evening I watched the rest of the first season of The Crown. I'll start the second season tonight.
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