March 9th, 2018


March 8--Nowadays they fry 'em up just like a donut

I'm sitting in the hospital cafeteria listening to three old guys taking about food. They have so far covered cinnamon rolls ("remember what they used to call them?"), roadside stands in San Francisco where they used to sell fresh crabs ("you'd see them as soon as you got off the bridge", and tamales ("they used to be round").

I went out walking after work yesterday and thought about how I was feeling. I realized I have been experiencing some depression. It always tends to sneak up on me. I remember one time looking out the window and realizing I hadn't watered the plants for a couple weeks. Usually it is the realization that I am depressed that takes me out of it.

I talked with Malida about it and she agreed that I haven't been myself lately. After we talked, I went into my office and tackled something I have been putting off and finished it. I guess I feel better.

I looked out the window yesterday and realized that Malida had pulled up my very healthy parsley plant. I asked her about it, and she said she thought it was a weed. She managed to leave all her weird asian herbs intact. Maybe it's my turn to garden.

Last night I finished the book I have been reading, The Years of Rice and Salt. The story starts in China in the year 1405, and ends in the present day about 20 minutes from where I am sitting, under a tree near the creek I hiked along over the winter break. I am considering what to read next. My Kindle is home charging in the meantime.

It is about time to start actively planning our trip to Thailand. We have already selected the dates, so the next step is to start shopping for plane tickets. It's been about 3 years since I have been there, and I am really looking forward to going back and seeing everyone.

basket weaver

The hands of a basket weaver, Tomtau Village, Thailand.

Those are the hands of the husband of Malida's grandma. Grandpa II, I guess. It reminds me that I need to start printing pictures to take back with me. One of my favorite things is finding the people I took pictures of and giving them the prints.

Those guys are still talking. They have since covered turkeys ("you can cook a 14-pounder in about 45 minutes"), raspberry jam ("I don't like raspberry jam"), and shrimp ("they on sale at the Save Mart"). Now I'm hungry.