March 16th, 2018


March 16--Robot's Rules of Order

I am on a somewhat patched-up connection that is kind of unstable. For some reason I can't connect to the hospital wifi with either my laptop or my phone, so I have my phone connected into the GI lab wifi, and my laptop running off the hotspot from my phone. It works, so far.

I've been posting a day late for about two weeks now, and all of a sudden I am now on the current day. Not sure how that happened. Not sure it makes any difference. The big change for me is that I am mostly posting in the morning now, rather than in the late evening.

I am in the cafeteria, because it is raining outside again. There are a couple of guys talking about corned beef, and I was reminded that tomorrow is St. Patrick's day. I love corned beef, but I think it is saltier than I need these days, so will probably forego it this year in favor of a good blood pressure. Dang.

I think that "dang" means I'm going to change my mind on this.


A chair in the healing garden.

We have one week left of clinicals before preceptorship starts. At this point, I pretty much let the students be, unless they need something. I will wander around and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, but they almost always are. Rather than look up one of their patients and asking about them, I ask the student to tell me about whichever patient they like. I listen to what they tell me and ask questions to see how much they know. I'm looking for a concise and coherent story that hits all the high points. Most of them stumbled yesterday, but will do better today.

The question that always seems to trip them up is, "Why is your patient here?" They can generally tell me the diagnosis and all the test results, but most of them have not stepped back to see the larger picture--why does the patient need to be in the hospital, and how does what you are doing help them move toward getting back home? The big picture is my parting gift to them.

I went home and took a nice nap. I opened the window a bit so I could hear the rain coming down. Malida came home from school and was all excited. She finished her beginning photo class last week, and has now started the intermediate course. She learned about golden light and blue light, and wanted to tell me all about it.


Malida pretending that Mook is Spiderpig. She even sings the Spiderpig song.

We had an evening appointment with some sort of financial planner guy that contracts with the college district. His goal is to get us to leave some money to the school. He was a nice enough guy, but reminded me of the guy in the funeral home who is trying to upsell the fancy coffin, even though you are going to be cremated. The word that comes to mind is "unctuous". I couldn't wait to get out of there.