March 17th, 2018


March 17--snails!

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."

--Maya Angelou

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!"


Another work week down, one more clinical week to go. This seemed like a particularly busy week, and I hope next week is a little less busy, though I doubt it. The week after is spring break, though, and I am looking forward to kicking back a bit. I have used the word "week" six times in this sentence. After you read that did you count to see?

I don't have big plans for spring break. My students will be starting their preceptorships, so I will need to go in a few times to see how they are doing. Malida is starting a new photo class and will want to go out and shoot on her days off, which is ok with me. I will probably take a solo drive one day to adventure a bit.

My photo class starts later this morning. All the photography for the class occurs over our field trip weekend in April, about 4 weeks from now, so our classes until then are pretty much prep for that. The last time I took a photo class, the department was still in the old building, but has since moved to a new state-of-the-art space in the Student Center building. I've been in there and seen it, but it will be cool to take a class in there.

I'm still leaning against cooking corned beef this afternoon. I think I might pick up a sandwich for lunch to satisfy my half-hearted craving, and have some chicken and artichokes for dinner. Malida's working today, so I'm on my own food-wise.

We are supposed to go back down to the Bay Area tomorrow and meet my sister and her husband at the cemetery we were at last week. There is supposed to be a tulip festival there, though, when we were there last weekend, only a handful of tulips had bloomed. I'm not sure a week of rain has made much of a difference.

And in closing, I bring you....snails!

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